Thinking Sideways Podcast Review

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Hey everyone.  It’s Acadia here and I realized that if you like Strangeful Things, you might also like knowing about other podcasts in the same genre.  So since I listen to a lot of them, I thought I might save you some steps and let you know which ones I’ve tried and whether or not I like them.  And I decided to start with the Thinking Sideways Podcast because I have been listening to them for years and I think I have a good handle on whether or not I think the show is any good.

Long story short: I DO.  The show has three hosts: Devin, Steve and Joe, all of whom bring something good to the show.  They are obviously friends which helps and they do their research which is excellent.

tsp-illustration-800x619They tackle mysteries exclusively.  So there is some true crime, but there aren’t any answers.  They take turns each week with one person doing a topic for that week, so you can say this an episode is a “Steve” or a “Devin” and the other two ask questions and they all discuss not only the known facts of the case, but potential theories as to what really happens.

I have listened to a lot of their shows.  Actually, I think I have heard all of them for the most part, so if you want more detail, check out the video below.


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