Salem Town, MA – The Salem Witch Trials

Los Angeles, California – The Cecil Hotel

Invisible Jerks

Detroit, MI – The Witch of Delray

Bay of Bengal – Murder Island

Allagash, Maine – The Allagash Abduction Part 2

Allagash, Maine – The Allagash Abduction Part 1

Chicago, Illinois – The Chicago Humanoid

Adams, Tennessee – The Bell Witch

Amelia Earhart – The Real Facts


Strangeful Things Gameshow – Episode Two

Point Pleasant, WV – The Mothman

Circleville, OH – Dead Letters

Florida – Gerard John Schaefer

Anchorage, AK – Israel Keyes

MARTINSBURG, WV Part 2 – Danny Casolaro Conclusion

Martinsburg, WV – The Puzzling Case of Danny Casolaro

Rome – An Empire of Monsters

Strangeful Things Gameshow – Episode One

Crater Lake, Oregon – Whisked Away

Strangeful Storytime – Michael Malloy is Unkillable

Strangeful Storytime – The Man from Taured

Strangeful Story Time – Real Life Fairytales

Strangeful Storytime! The Sarah Jo!

Bellvue, Colorado – Just…Gone

New Haven, Connecticut – People are Awful

Curacao – Amy Lynn Bradley

Fall River, Massachusetts – Lizzie Borden

Sarasota, Florida – Hypnosis

Portland, Oregon – Forbidden Love (Because one Person is Dead)

Stephenville, Texas – UFOs

Enfield, England – Poltergeist

Boston, Massachusetts – Art Theft

Washington, DC – Horrible Leaders from History

Correggio, Italy – Cannibalism Part Two

Rotenburg, Germany – Cannibalism Part One

The Bermuda Triangle

A Brief Bit of Great News!

Havana, Cuba – Assassinations

Otwock, Poland – Codes and Ciphers

Thinking Sideways Podcast Review

The Seven Seas – Ghost Ships

Halloween 2016

Boston, Massachusetts – Jenn’s Story

Westfield, NJ – B. Nev’s Story

Dyatlov Pass, Russia – Mysterious Death

Omaha Nebraska and Portland, Maine – Acadia’s Story

Gary, Indiana – The Exorcism of Latoya Emmons

New York, NY – The Collyer Brothers