Heilbronn, Germany – The Phantom of Heilbronn

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The Phantom of Heilbronn, also sometimes called “The Woman Without a Face” was a hypothetical serial killer accused of committing over 40 crimes all over Germany and even in parts of Austria and France, over a period of 16 years. (Check out the handy table below!)

Questions we ask… why the big break between 1993 and 2001? Why the cookie? Was it our very own Kenny?

Relevant – check out our episode about Leonarda Cianciulli, and our episode about the Witch of Delray.

*note that this list must contain an error because it counts 7 murders, but only 40 crimes; the “Phantom” was supposed to stand accused of 40 crimes including only 6 murders. We will try to sleuth out what’s wrong and update this graphic!


The Phantom of Heilbronn

by Strangeful Things | Season 3 - Episode 10

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