Episode List

Strangeful New Year – The Ghost of Nelly Hooper

Happy New Year!  You didn't think we would let you ring in 2018 without the story of a ghost who would not shut her spectral yapper, did you?  Never fear!  Nelly Hooper is here!  Oh, and there MIGHT be something different about this show - can't quite put my finger on...

Christmas 2017 Strangeful Special

We wish you a Strangeful Christmas!  While we are ramping up for season three, I wanted to introduce you to the Lawson family from Germanton, North Carolina.  And as a special present to everyone, I (Acadia) will be doing the episode with Eva Halloween from theyearofhalloween.com.  The Grackles deserve a long winter’s nap.  BTW, this is still not a happy story.

Season Two Finale – Listener Game Show!

It's hard to believe but Season two is already over. So let's send it off with a bang by pitting three listeners, Jessica, Joey and Sarah, against each other in a test of knowledge they would probably be better off not having!

Halloween 2017 Strangeful Special

This year we decided to have all three of us bring our own story to the party.  So listen to Jenn, Christy, and Acadia as we give you a dose of Halloween horror specially picked from the big book of wtf that we each have in our heads. Happy Halloween, everyone!...

Deschapelles, Haiti – Real Life Zombies

This week on Strangeful Things podcast, we find out the difference between Hollywood zombies and real zombies, including how to make your own! We also learn why you should never be mean to anyone in Haiti.

Victoria, Australia – Babysitting Gone Wrong

This week we dig into the idea of babysitting and why it seems to be a terrible deal for the baby.  Maybe people these days are fine with handing their kids off to strangers, but honestly they shouldn't be.  Tune in to Acadia, Jenn and Christy as they uncover the...

Salem Town, MA – The Salem Witch Trials

Happy October, everyone! This week is a Ladies Night episode with Jenn bringing us the real story behind the Salem Witch Trials! Learn things you didn't know, since Hollywood likes to dramatize stuff to the point of unrecognizable.

Los Angeles, California – The Cecil Hotel

Staying in a historic hotel while you're on vacation is lots of fun. Staying in a historic hotel on the cheap is even better! Unless that hotel is full of drugs, rape and murder! In this episode, Christy and Acadia take us to Los Angeles, California to investigate the...

Invisible Jerks

Some people would use the power of invisibility to tap people on the shoulder to freak them out or steal pies out of bakeries. But this week, Jenn and Acadia take a look at invisible assailants who do a lot worse than that. Well, maybe they don’t take a LOOK but you know what we mean.

Detroit, MI – The Witch of Delray

“Behind those filmy curtains,” Medina Street mothers told their children when family circles were gathered around the hearths, “stalks a bad witch-woman. Her name is Mrs. Rose Veres. She bewitches factory men, they go to live in her house, and in the cellar the...

Bay of Bengal – Murder Island

This week, Christy takes us to the Andaman Islands in search of tropical paradise and finds only VIOLENCE AND MURDER! We take a look at the Sentinelese people who inhabit North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal, who viciously refuse contact from outsiders and will...

Allagash, Maine – The Allagash Abduction Part 2

In 1976, four friends decided to go canoeing through the Allagash Waterway in Maine.  In part one of the Allagash Abduction, we find out who the guys were and how they got to Eagle Lake that one fateful night in August.  And we get to hear Jenn sing!  ...

Allagash, Maine – The Allagash Abduction Part 1

In 1976, four friends decided to go canoeing through the Allagash Waterway in Maine.  In part one of the Allagash Abduction, we find out who the guys were and how they got to Eagle Lake that one fateful night in August.  And we get to hear Jenn sing!

Chicago, Illinois – The Chicago Humanoid

Point Pleasant, West Virginia no longer has the market cornered on flying, man-shaped creatures. There have been a slew of sightings of a huge, bat-shaped, man-sized creature seen as recently as July of this year! IN CHICAGO.

Adams, Tennessee – The Bell Witch

Not going to lie to you, dear listeners.  The Bell Witch is mean and scary and made us do a show like we never have before.  Listen to Christy and Jenn bring the story of the evil witch and the sexy frontier child whom she hated to life in the most vivid episode yet!...

Amelia Earhart – The Real Facts

Amelia Earhart has been in the news again lately due to a 2 hour special recently aired by the History Channel, revolving around a photo purported to show Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, on a dock on Saipan around the time they disappeared.  ...


We have never done this before, but we actually have a special announcement.  Not only do we have some important news about the most recent episode, but also a treat for everyone coming up VERY SOON!  So take a couple minutes to give a listen.  We have gotten a lot of...