About Strangeful Things

Strangeful Things is a podcast devoted to telling unsettling stories in a fun way.  The idea and the site were born after we decided that the Waiting for the Train podcast from Superficial Gallery couldn’t be a news show AND a deep dive into cool topics show.

So we split them and the deep dive is now here at Strangeful Things.  There are a lot of spoopy podcasts out there, but we are making a space for ourselves by making sure we hit topics that might not be covered by other shows.

Will we hit the usual suspects like H.H. Holmes and the Bell Witch?  Sure.  Eventually.  But we know you have probably heard those stories before.  So we are going to channel our inner Coolio and bring you sumpin’ brand new for dat ass.

Or if you have an idea for us, feel free to contact us!

Oh, and based on some feedback we got from some folks, we have decided that, as of 2019, we are not going to work hard to avoid cases less than 10 years old unless they are very relevant to the world.