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Everywhere – Roundup of Weird

We have a mini episode for you this week while we take some time to bolster our research efforts for our upcoming episodes. A roundup of weird and strange things from Scotland to outer space to Cambridge, Massachusetts will hopefully keep your appetite for the strange...

Owl Mountains, Poland – The Hunt for Nazi Gold

Come with us while we dig around in the mountains of Poland to find the gold the evil Nazis hid there. Also get turnt at the sweet club we are opening as soon as we find a mountain we can dig out.

Washington D.C. – CIA Mind Control & Project Monarch

This week's episode is Part 2 of our CIA Mind Control & MKUltra episode. Please secure all tin-foil hats before proceeding. Once again, you can read the declassified documents regarding CIA mind control experiments here or here. You can read more about Dissociative...

Washington D.C. – CIA Mind Control & MKUltra

Well, Strangeful Things is finally on a national list! Unfortunately, it's the CIA Watch List. (As if we're all not being watched already!) This week, Christy dives deep into the history of CIA Mind Control experiments, Project MKUltra and Project Monarch (which...

Heilbronn, Germany – The Phantom of Heilbronn

The “Phantom of Heilbronn” was a hypothetical serial killer suspected of committing 40 crimes from 1993-2009. But you are not expecting this ending!


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A Horrifying and Hilarious Podcast!

“Strangeful Things” is a podcast devoted to telling unsettling stories in a fun way.  The idea and the site wer born after the staff at Superficial Gallery decided that our former podcast “Waiting for the Train” couldn’t be a news show AND a deep-dive-into-cool-topics show.

So we split them and the deep-dive became “Strangeful Things”.  There are a lot of spoopy podcasts out there, but we do our best to make sure we hit topics that might not be covered by other shows.

Will we hit the usual suspects like H.H. Holmes and the Bell Witch?  Sure.  But we know you’ve probably heard those stories before.  So we’re going to channel our inner Coolio and bring you sumpin’ brand new for dat ass.