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Heilbronn, Germany – The Phantom of Heilbronn

The “Phantom of Heilbronn” was a hypothetical serial killer suspected of committing 40 crimes from 1993-2009. But you are not expecting this ending!

Casnovia, Michigan – The Disappearance of Todd Geib

In this week's episode of Strangeful Things, Christy tells us the bizarre story of Todd Geib and how he disappeared. Hint: It occurred in the woods. So, you know, just more reasons to stay out of the woods, folks!   Like the show? Then leave us a review on...

Long Beach, California – The Queen Mary

A podcast discussing the amazing history and haunted present of the Queen Mary. From luxury liner to troop transport to ghost hotel, this ship has it all!

British Columbia – The Foot Episode

Come along with us on a journey to British Columbia, where our northern neighbors have a foot problem. Well, if you consider dismembered feet washing up on your beaches a "problem", that is. Like the show? Then leave us a review on iTunes!

The Deadly Double

In this week's episode, Kenny takes us back to the 1940's to explore just one of the intriguing mysteries surrounding World War 2 - The Deadly Double!   Like the show? Then leave us a review on iTunes!


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A Horrifying and Hilarious Podcast!

“Strangeful Things” is a podcast devoted to telling unsettling stories in a fun way.  The idea and the site wer born after the staff at Superficial Gallery decided that our former podcast “Waiting for the Train” couldn’t be a news show AND a deep-dive-into-cool-topics show.

So we split them and the deep-dive became “Strangeful Things”.  There are a lot of spoopy podcasts out there, but we do our best to make sure we hit topics that might not be covered by other shows.

Will we hit the usual suspects like H.H. Holmes and the Bell Witch?  Sure.  But we know you’ve probably heard those stories before.  So we’re going to channel our inner Coolio and bring you sumpin’ brand new for dat ass.